Whole Foods Market Boise 5% day benefiting Trevor's Trek Foundation!

Whole Foods Market Boise 5% day benefiting Trevor’s Trek Foundation!


When Trevor Schaefer was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 13 his entire world came crumbling down around him.  He was scared; but unlike most children his age he wasn’t scared about failing the big test the next day, or underperforming in his next football game, he was scared about loosing his life.  He was scared that he might never again hear his mom say “I love you Trev!” as he scrambled out the back door on his way to school, or hear his friends say “Hey Trev want to come over after school?”. When you ask someone about their childhood, these are not memories that are talked about.  But for the 46 children a day diagnosed with cancer in this country these experiences are real.  1 out of 5 children diagnosed with cancer will not live to share their feelings about this bully we call cancer.  And what if I told you that 90%-95% of cancer diagnoses can be prevented?  That’s right, only 5%-10% of cancer diagnoses are related to genetics.  Proper nutrition is a key vector in preventing cancer.  Today, Wednesday, April 10th Whole Foods Market Boise is holding a 5% day benefiting Trevor’s Trek Foundation.  That is; Whole Foods Market Boise will donate 5% of their total proceeds from the entire day to Trevor’s Trek Foundation!  Be sure and stop by for great, healthy food and support Trevor’s Trek Foundation in their mission to eradicate preventable childhood cancer and other chronic illnesses in children.  Trevor Schaefer will be at Whole Foods from 4pm-7pm signing the book he co-authored “The Boy on the Lake”.  Help us protect our future, our children, our legacy.