It is hard to explain what goes through a child’s mind when he/she is told ‘you have cancer’.  Three words that no child should have to hear, unfortunately it is heard way too often.  I wrote this poem a few years ago to try and express the feelings of a child who is told they have cancer and what takes place during treatment.  I was fortunate enough to get the World Poetry Movement to publish my poem in 2010.  I hope you enjoy this and maybe gain a better understanding of cancer through a Child’s eyes.

Scars of Courage

By: Trevor Schaefer

The word comes back, your fight begins.

In the beginning, you think cancer wins.

Darkness falls and drowns the light.

You feel the pain both day and night.

But you must play the hand you were dealt.

A sigh of reality as you tighten your belt.

Your hair grows thin, your step unsteady.

You’re too young for this fight, you’re just not ready.

Some lose their limbs, but keep their heart,

But your soul stays strong through the hardest part.

The battle continues, but your time is near.

You realize the inevitable and lose all fear.

You tried so hard not to lose your way,

But you can’t return, not tomorrow nor today.

You see your gravestone and the word “deceased,”

But fear no more, Mom, now I can rest in peace.

You threw up so many times into those bins.

I guess in the end, cancer wins.

You were taken from this world at too young of an age.

Your book of life never made it past the first page.

The dream you leave is for our leaders to listen.

Change the path of our future and protect our children.