Cancer Cluster Research

It has been over a year since Trevor’s Law was signed by the President.  Now, the government is more fractured than ever and unfortunately very little has been done to implement Trevor’s Law.  It has become apparent that the role required by Trevor’s Trek to help communities who are part of a cancer cluster will be larger than anticipated.  We are committed to getting cancer cluster communities the help they deserve and are excited to be working with Bob Spiegel and Shannon Lisa at Edison Wetlands Association to ensure that this happens in a timely and honest way.  Shannon is the Program Director at EWA and has done an amazing job developing a health survey that we have distributed to the community of Johnson County, Indian and will also be a part of our investigation at our most recent childhood brain cancer cluster community of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  Please check back for more information on cancer clusters as we will be continually updating this page as our work with EWA progresses. If you have concerns about a possible cancer cluster in your community you can reach out to us through our CONTACT PAGE!


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