Community Files Two Lawsuits Against Environmental Polluters

Since the federal government won’t follow the law and implement Trevor’s Law, Indiana residents have taken it upon themselves to go after the companies who polluted their community! CLICK HERE for the story.

Monsanto Guilty of Illegally Spraying Banned Pesticide in Maui

Monsanto Guilty of Illegally Spraying Banned Pesticide in Maui

Monsanto has long been know for producing some of the most harmful, toxic products in agriculture. They know their products are a threat to human health and the environment yet they continue to produce, sell and spray these harmful substances, in many cases illegally. Click Here for the story on how Monsanto sprayed a banned […]

Agribusiness Company to Pay for Toxic Waste on Idaho Tribal Land

Agribusiness Company to Pay for Toxic Waste on Idaho Tribal Land

FMC Corp. must pay for storing toxic waste on the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Indian Reservation in Fort Hall, Idaho. Click Here to view the Washington Post article.

CDC Releases Notice for Public Comment on Re-structuring of Cancer Cluster Guidelines

The CDC is asking for public comment on the re-structuring of cancer cluster guidelines in accordance with Trevor’s Law.  You can CLICK HERE and follow the link at the end of the first paragraph to submit your comment!

Rising Cancer Deaths Among Veterans

The number of veteran deaths from illnesses and cancer is on the rise. Click Here for the story.

Despite Overwhelming Evidence, Health Departments Still Give Excuses for not Implementing Trevor’s Law

It is unclear why state health departments will not push for the implementation of Trevor’s Law, almost three years after being signed by the President.  But one thing is clear, they keep coming up with excuses.  To see more from Franklin, Indiana and their battle to get Trevor’s Law implemented Click Here.

Toxic Chemicals at Colorado Military Basis

Toxic Chemicals at Colorado Military Basis

Army Staff Sgt. Samuel Fortune came home from Iraq only to discover many of his neighbors, all living around military basis, were coming down with life-threatening illnesses.  Click Here for the story.

Senator Joe Donnelly and Franklin, Indiana mom’s pushing for EPA Takeover of Investigation into Contaminated Sites

Senator Joe Donnelly and Franklin, Indiana moms Stacie Davidson and Kari Rhinehart call on EPA to take over childhood cancer cluster investigation after the Indiana Department of Environmental Management fails to provide answers to the growing epidemic of childhood cancer in Johnson County.  Click Here for the podcast with Stacie and Kari.

Contaminated Sights in Franklin, Indiana Continue to Exist without Cleanup

The community of Johnson County, Indiana, which we have worked closely with for years, has one of the biggest environmental contamination problems in this country. Yet continues to exist without cleanup.  CLICK HERE for the latest from Johnson County.

Senator Donnelly Sends Letter to HHS on Trevor’s Law Provision

The Senator who led the fight to get the 1 million dollar Trevor’s Law provision in the spending bill passed, Joe Donnelly, has sent a letter to HHS Secretary Alex Azar.  Senator Donnelly’s letter requests timely attention to this matter and for HHS to work with impacted communities to update the cancer cluster guidelines.