When you think of people connected with Environmental toxins and cleaning up our environment, Erin Brockovich is probably at the top of the list.  It is no secret that she is a powerful voice in the environmental protection world.  She has fought for years against industry and big business that has contaminated our soil, water and air, causing a countless number of children and adults to get cancer and a myriad of other life-threatening illnesses.  Most notably was her crusade against PG&E in Hinkley, CA, portrayed in the well known film ‘Erin Brockovich’.  More recently was her testimony on behalf of Trevor’s Law at the Oversight Hearing on Disease Clusters and Environmental Health in 2011.  And now she speaks out about the problems the community of Mt. Pleasant, SC has been facing, where 11 children have been diagnosed with rare brain cancers, all within miles of each other.  Click Here to see what Erin has to say.