It has been over four years in the making, construction has finally begun in the east end of Julia Davis Park in Boise, Idaho to build the R.A. Bloch Cancer Survivor Plaza and the Trevor’s Trek Children’s Cancer Pavilion!  R.A. stands for Richard and Annette Bloch.  In 1980 Richard (who was the co-founder of H & R Bloch) passed away from cancer.  Annette started the R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation to bring hope and encouragement to those battling this horrific disease.  There are 24 Cancer Survivor Plazas throughout the United States,  the 25th and final one will be built in the east end of Julia Davis Park in Boise, Idaho!



Rendering: R.A. Bloch Cancer Survivor Plaza


It all started with an inquiry from a passionate community member and cancer survivor.  Larry Fisher suggested the City of Boise apply for a grant from the R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation to construct a Cancer Survivor Plaza in Boise’s oldest and most historic park; Julia Davis Park.  After learning of the plans for this amazing addition, we thought, “We need to construct a Children’s Cancer Pavilion as well to recognize children who have battled cancer and are currently fighting this bully”.  We met with Boise Parks and Recreation, who embraced this idea.  Our vision has now come to fruition!  The Children’s Cancer Pavilion was not a part of the original grant, so Trevor’s Trek has been working diligently to raise the needed funds through our Walkway of Awareness sponsorship program.  Thanks to the support of local businesses and individuals in our community, we have raised the necessary funds to begin construction on the Children’s Cancer Pavilion.  Currently, our sponsorship program has been halted as we finalize some design elements for the Pavilion.  We plan on resuming the program shortly to secure sponsorship for our remaining bronze footprints and personal tiles!  For more information on our sponsorship program visit our Children’s Cancer Pavilion page!


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