Board of Directors

Trevor Schaefer

President and CEO

Trevor Schaefer was born on October 19, 1989 in San Diego, California.  He moved to McCall, Idaho when he was six years old.  Trevor lived with his parents on Payette Lake in McCall until he was diagnosed with brain cancer in November of 2002.  At that time he and his mother moved to Boise, Idaho where he underwent an eight hour surgery to remove a golf ball size tumor from the base of his brain.  Post surgery Trevor endured 6 weeks of radiation treatment followed by 14 months of chemotherapy.  In September of 2007 Trevor helped organize the first childhood cancer awareness walk in Idaho.  In 2009 Trevor helped found Trevor’s Trek Foundation to create childhood cancer awareness and support finding the causation and prevention of childhood cancer.  Trevor was instrumental in starting the ‘Kids for Wish Kids’ program with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho as well as the inspiration behind Trevor’s Law, which was signed into law by President Obama on June 22, 2016.  Trevor has also co-authored a book entitled “The Boy on the Lake” which chronicles his life, battle with cancer and journey to the introduction of Trevor’s Law.  Trevor also serves on the Advisory Board for the Tug McGraw Foundation and is passionate about helping to create a safer, healthier future for our children and bringing an end to the reign of this bully we call cancer.

Charlie Smith

Co-Founder and Advisory Board Member

Charlie has been an advocate for children’s health issues since 2002 when her son Trevor was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Charlie is a former board member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho, served on the St. Luke’s Health Foundation board and was active on the Children’s Task Force Committee for the Comprehensive Cancer Alliance for Idaho.  Charlie is currently on the board for the National Disease Cluster Alliance and also serves on the advisory committee for the Tug McGraw Foundation.

Susan Rosser

Co-Founder and Advisory Board Member

Susan resides in Rancho Mirage, California.  She graduated from UCLA with a Masters Degree in literature and taught English in the Los Angeles School District from 1968 – 1971. Susan is a best-selling author and has co-authored books such as “Just Desserts”, “A Matter of Betrayal” and “The Boy on the Lake”.  Susan was Co-Founder of the Rancho Mirage Writers Festival in 2014 and is Co-Curator of “The Power of Words”, an adjunct symposium for the Palm Springs International Film Festival.  Susan was instrumental in the passage of Trevor’s Law and is a Co-Founder of Trevor’s Trek Foundation.

Robbie Patton

Advisory Board Member

Robbie Patton is an English singer/songwriter.  In 1979 he was selected as the opening act for a Fleetwood Mac tour.  Christine McVie with Fleetwood Mac produced both of Patton’s solo Albums.  Robbie performed a duet with Stevie Nicks on his single “Smiling Islands”.  Patton has had his compositions recorded by Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Dionne Warwick, Dolly Parton, Melissa Manchester, Santana, Tom Jones, Glen Campbell, Kansas and Jonathan Cain to name a few.  He worked with most of the top Session Musicians in London, N.Y. and L.A.  Robbie has composed for film, television and is currently a Music Supervisor/ Composer for an independent film company in Los Angeles.

Chris Nidel

Advisory Board Member

Chris Nidel, MS, JD is a partner at the firm Nidel Law, PLLC in Washington, D.C.  His primary area of practice is environmental and toxic tort law.
Mr. Nidel has been practicing environmental law for the past 13-years and has led numerous investigations into the interaction between chemicals in communities and the relationship to cancer and other diseases.  His work involves research into the complex interactions between air, soil and water exposures, often during critical windows of human development, to multiple chemical agents and the determination as to whether there is any relationship to community disease burden.  His practice requires an in-depth understanding of chemical fate and transport, multifaceted exposure pathways, interactive chemical toxicology and human epidemiology.  His passion for human health as well as his scientific background have made him a recognized leader in his field of practice.

Prior to going to law school, Mr. Nidel received a Master’s degree in chemical engineering from MIT and worked for a number of years doing chemical drug process development for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, helping to improve drug synthesis for drugs that treat Parkinson’s, high cholesterol, and HIV.