Trevor’s Law Supporter Christine McVie Back in Tune with Fleetwood Mac!

    SANTA MONICA, Calif. — “It’s like she never left,”Lindsey Buckingham says about Christine McVie’s return to Fleetwood Mac, the band that sold 45 million copies of 1977’s Rumours and spawned almost that many rumors during its tumultuous 47-year run. Here are the facts: After leaving the band in 1998, singer/keyboardist McVie has rejoined, completing Mac’s most popular, successful […]

GreenSpace: Cancer clusters or chance?

By Sandy Bauers, Inquirer GreenSpace Columnist POSTED: May 13, 2013 At the chemical plant in Toms River, nylon stockings would melt on the legs of secretaries sent on errands to production buildings. Noxious, colored smoke rose from the plant’s stacks. Its effluent tinted the river, and fish caught there had a strange taste. At a nearby […]

Investigating Suspected Cancer Clusters and Responding to Community Concerns

To view the CDC official website on this report click here! Recommendations and Reports Prepared by: Beth (Vivi) Abrams, MPH,1 Henry Anderson, MD,2 Carina Blackmore, DVM, PhD,3 Frank J. Bove, ScD,4 Suzanne K. Condon, MSM,5Christie R. Eheman, PhD,6 Jerald Fagliano, PhD,7 Lorena Barck Haynes,8 Lauren S. Lewis, MD,1 Jennifer Major, MPH,8 Michael A. McGeehin, PhD,9 Erin Simms, MPH,10 Kanta Sircar, PhD,1 John Soler, MPH,11 Martha Stanbury, MSPH,12 Sharon M. […]

Through the Eyes of a Cancer Survivor

Cancer, the word brings fear, panic and chaos to the majority of individuals who are unfortunate enough to cross paths with it. My name is Trevor Schaefer. In November of 2002 at the age of 13 I heard three words no child ever wants to hear; “you have cancer”. My body went numb; like a […]

Government straddles both sides of toxic water cases

Obama administration offers health care to veterans injured by water contamination at Marine base, but it wants to block their legal claims WASHINGTON — President Obama signed a law in 2012 offering health benefits to thousands of former Marines and their families who were exposed decades ago to contaminated water at Camp Lejeune in North […]