Environmental Chemicals a Pregnancy Risk

WASHINGTON — From mercury to pesticides, Americans are exposed daily to environmental chemicals that could harm reproductive health, the nation’s largest groups of obstetricians and fertility specialists said Monday. The report urges doctors to push for stricter environmental policies to better identify and reduce exposure to chemicals that prove truly risky. But it’s likely to scare […]

The Arsenic in Our Drinking Water

  The baby with the runny nose, the infant with a stubborn cough — respiratory infections in small children are a familiar family travail. Now scientists suspect that these ailments – and many others far more severe – may be linked in part to a toxic element common in drinking water. The element is naturally […]

In the Shadow of ‘Old Smokey,’ a Toxic Legacy

  When she was little, Elaine Taylor remembers rushing home whenever Old Smokey fired up. Clouds of ash from the towering trash incinerator would fill the air and settle on the ramshackle houses and the yards of the West Grove neighborhood. Her mother, who took in laundry, would be whipping sheets and shirts off the clotheslines. […]

A Quest for Even Safer Drinking Water

UNIONTOWN, Pa. — On a muggy Friday afternoon in a strip mall parking lot, as thunder echoed in the Alleghenies and cottonwood seeds floated on the breeze, Lee Stanish, 32, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Colorado Boulder, and Natalie Hull, 24, a lab manager, stepped out of a white van, its hood plastered […]

Childhood Cancer Through a Mother’s Eyes

The month of September marks the bittersweet end to summer; it is also a time to celebrate with Labor Day picnics and back to school shopping.  But for the past 10 years, month number nine has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  I now celebrate September because it is National Childhood Cancer Awareness […]