Danger in the Land: Toxic Plume Spreads Under Newark; 8 Families Must Leave

    Newark, Ohio — Ever since she learned what was lurking beneath the soil, Heather Puryear has been afraid of her home. She put a filter on the kitchen faucet, let the tomatoes out back rot on the vine. She cries thinking about what her five children might have been exposed to since they […]

EPA Settles with Wisconsin Utilities on Coal Plant Air Pollution

Wisconsin Power & Light Co. and three other utilities will spend $1.2 billion to clean up coal-fired power plants and shut down older plants under a settlement announced Monday with federal regulators. Under a settlement filed in federal court in Madison on Earth Day, the Environmental Protection Agency and Justice Department will assess a civil […]

A Special Thanks to Whole Foods Market Boise

  We would like to give a special thanks to Whole Foods Market Boise for holding a 5% day benefiting Trevor’s Trek this past April 10th.  The funds raised from this day will go to the construction of the Children’s Cancer Pavilion in Julia Davis Park, Boise, Idaho.  We hope to have the project completed […]

Bipartisan Group of Senators Reintroduce RECA Amendments Act

Mike Crapo’s Senate Member Office (R-ID) posted a Press Release on April 19, 2013 | 1:00 am Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch are renewing their efforts to expand restitution for Idahoans and Americans living downwind of atomic weapons tests or working in uranium mines.  Crapo and Risch are joining Senators […]

New Diseases, Toxins Harming Marine Life

The dead sea otters arrived at Melissa Miller’s Santa Cruz, California, lab with bright-yellow eyes and gums, their livers destroyed. One by one, Miller, a marine-wildlife veterinarian, eliminated the potential causes of death until “the last thing I was left with seemed so implausible that I thought I was going crazy.” The otters had been poisoned by […]

EPA Study Points to Ag for Pervasive River Pollution

A March 26 report by the Environmental Protection Agency has found that 55 percent of the nation’s stream and river miles are in poor condition, mainly because of industrial agriculture. In the intensely-farmed ecoregion that corresponds with the corn belt where 69 percent of the land is devoted to crops, EPA concluded that 54 percent of the […]

Whole Foods Market Boise 5% Day Benefiting Trevor’s Trek Foundation!

  When Trevor Schaefer was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 13 his entire world came crumbling down around him.  He was scared; but unlike most children his age he wasn’t scared about failing the big test the next day, or underperforming in his next football game, he was scared about loosing his […]

EWG Commends Whole Foods for Setting Deadline for Labeling GE Foods

Washington, D.C. – Environmental Working Group applauds food retailer Whole Foods Market for its decision to label any foods sold in its U.S. and Canadian stores that contain genetically engineered ingredients by 2018. Whole Foods Market is the first national grocery chain to set a deadline for full transparency for GE foods (also known as […]

The Few, The Proud, The Forgotten. Semper Fi: Always Faithful presented by Trevor’s Trek Foundation

When Jerry Ensminger’s daughter Janey passed away from a rare form of Leukemia at age 9 in 1985, Jerry embarked on a quest to find answers.  Jerry is a retired Marine Master Sergeant who was stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  Jerry soon realized that the water supply at Camp Lejeune was highly contaminated with […]

Whole Foods Market 5% Day Benefiting Trevor’s Trek Foundation

No words can describe how devastating a diagnosis of cancer is on a child and their family.  While most kids go to bed at night thinking about the big test coming up in class the next day, or how well they are going to perform in their next athletic event; kids with cancer think about […]