Community of Johnson County, IN Gets Environmental Tests, Sparks Interest For Further Testing

In light of the recent environmental testing done in Johnson County, Indiana, Franklin schools are now also considering getting testing done. CLICK HERE for the story

Contaminants Found In Johnson County, IN After Testing

It has been over two years since the signing of the federal legislation Trevor’s Law yet our government still has not acted.  While communities across the country continue to suffer from cancer in large part due to contaminants in our environment.  One community in Johnson County, Indiana has decided to take it upon themselves to […]

Indiana Community Holds Meeting on Further Cancer Cluster Investigation

Last night the community of Johnson County came together to rally for investigation into the alarmingly high rate of childhood cancer in their community.  Click Here for the full story.

Otsego, MI – Cancer Concerns Prompt More Meetings

Cancer concerns in Otsego, MI prompt State and national Health Departments to meet and hopefully take action.  Click Here for the full story.

West Salem Claims Another Childhood Cancer Victim

A while back we shared with you a story about the community of West Salem, Oregon and their quest to find answers as to why so many children are contracting cancer in their community and many paying the ultimate sacrifice.  Jack Schumacher lost his battle with this bully earlier this year at age 14. Click […]

Florida Cancer Cluster Community Seeks Answers

The Florida state health department is skeptical about whether or not St. Lucie County is a cancer cluster.  But the evidence should be enough to confirm this is a cluster.  Click Here for the story.

National Legislation ‘Trevor’s Law’ Gets Shot at Implementation

Administrator Azar with the Department of Health and Human Services has been sent a letter calling on the department’s prompt attention and prioritization of Trevor’s Law.  Trevor’s Law, which was enacted in June of 2016 has yet to be implemented and we are hopeful that this effort will initiate that process.  A special thank you […]

Over 50 Cases of Childhood Cancer in Johnson County, IN since 2010, Yet the State Department of Health Says There Is No Cluster?

We have been reporting for sometime now about the growing epidemic of childhood cancer in Johnson County, IN and our work there to help the community get answers.  Now the State Department of Health says there is no childhood cancer cluster.  Sadly, it is becoming more apparent that a strong grass roots effort is needed, […]

Vote No to Regression and Yes to Progression

Vote No to Regression and Yes to Progression

The Trump Administrations nominee to be in charge of the office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention is all wrong for the job.  Michael Dourson has made a career out of working for manufacturers of toxic chemicals and has a long history of downplaying the health affects of many carcinogens and toxins including second hand […]

One School, One Year, Three Teens with Blood Cancer

One School, One Year, Three Teens with Blood Cancer

In Collinsville, Oklahoma three teens that went to the same school were diagnosed with blood cancer, all in less than a year.  The area is surrounded by toxic sites but what is being done to further investigate and clean up the contamination? Click Here for the full story.